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Which of the following organisms reproduce sexually?
a) Humans
b) Plants
c) Both a and b
d) None of the above

Diseases that are inherited are
a) Caused by genes
b) Caused by biruses
c) Caused by environmental factors
d) All of the above

A trait can be determined by:
a) One gene
b) Many genes
c) The environment
d) All of the above

In the punnett square, the probability of the trait in offspring is a result of:
a) Asexual reproduction
b) Sexual reproduction
c) Both a and b
d) None of the above

In the punnett square, the dominant condition of this characteristic is reprsented by:
a) RR, RR, and rr
b) RR and Rr
c) RR and rr
d) Rr and rr

In the punnett square, among the offspring, what is the ratio of dominant to recessive for this trait?
a) 3 : 1
b) 1 : 3
c) 2 : 2
d) 1 : 2 : 1

In the punnett square shown on the board, the empty square should be filled in as:
a) RR
b) Rr
c) rr
d) RRrr

Assume that a genetic trait is represented by the letter 'a'. Which of the following would most likely be used to represent the recessive condition?
a) AA
b) Aa
c) aa
d) None of the above

The offspring of asexual reproduction is identical to the parent except in the case of:
a) A clone
b) A genetic mutation
c) Fertilization
d) Multicellular organisms

By studying the pedigree on the board, you can conclude that the trait is:
a) Dominant
b) Recessive
c) Co-dominant
d) Both dominant and recessive

DNA fingerprinting can be used for:
a) Identifying a person
b) Diagnose a genetic disease
c) Both a and b
d) None of the above

Two parents are both carriers for a genetic trait that is based on only one gene. This means that their offspring:
a) Cannot have the trait
b) Will all be carrier for the trait
c) Have a 25% change of inheriting the trait
d) Have a 50% change of inheriting the trait

Which of the following best describes how the human body is organized, from the largest to smallest structure?
a) DNA, chromosomes, cells
b) Chromosomes, cells, DNA
c) Cells, DNA, chromosomes
d) Cells, chromosomes, DNA

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