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Offspring that are the result of sexual reproduction are:
a) Never identical to parents
b) Always identical to parents
c) Sometimes identical to the parents
d) Identical to other offspring

Egg and sperm combine during:
a) asexual reproduction of plants
b) asexual reproduction of animals
c) sexual reproduction of plants and animals
d) reproduction of bacteria

In the cell of most organisms, genetic information is contained in the:
a) Cell wall
b) Nucleus
c) Organelle
d) All of the above

Scientists often use other organisms to study genetics. Fruit flies are sometimes chosen because:
a) They reproduce quickly
b) They cause disease
c) They do not have cells
d) They do not reproduce

Which of the following is an example of asexual reproduction?
a) A fish releases sperm which unites with an egg of another fish
b) A worm is split in two; each half grows back into a complete worm
c) A gray cat is the offspring of a black cat and a white cat
d) Flowers from two different plants are mated to produce a seed

Which of the following statements is TRUE?
a) Only single-celled organisms can reproduce sexually
b) Only single-celled organisms can reproduce asexually
c) Only multicellular organisms can reproduce asexually
d) None of the above

Which of the following methods can provide information on human genetics?
a) Breeding other organisms
b) Studying human pedigrees
c) Examining human DNA
d) All of the above

The offspring of sexual reproduction:
a) Receives half of its genetic material from each parent
b) Receives all of its genetic material from one parent
c) Receives gentic material from an outside source
d) Develops genetic material independent of any other source

The trade offs in choosing to be tested for a genetic disease include:
a) You might find out you have the disease
b) It may become difficult to get health insurance
c) Both a and b
d) There are no trade-offs with this decision

One of the first people to study patterns of heredity scientifically was:
a) Mary-Claire King
b) Robert Hooke
c) Antoine Marfan
d) Gregor Mendel

Most human cells have ______ copies of each chromosome.
a) 2
b) 4
c) 10
d) 25

The offspring of asexual reproduction receives:
a) Genetic material from one parent
b) Genetic material from two parents
c) Genetic material from an outside source
d) None of the above

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