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Amphibians include the following except for:
a) turtles
b) cacaelians
c) frogs
d) salamanders

This reptile has a third parietal eye.
a) alligator
b) tortoise
c) tuatara
d) turtle

Reptiles have :
a) five chambered hearts
b) live young
c) slimy skin
d) scales called scutes

Amphibian means:
a) All wet
b) double life
c) slimy
d) double trouble

A tadpole is a:
a) baby frog
b) a glottis
c) a baby salamander
d) a fish

Frogs hear with a :
a) ear
b) tympanum
c) operculum
d) amniote

Snakes that are poisonous have:
a) arsenic
b) pelvic girdle
c) venom
d) metamorphosis

Amphibians go from young to old through a process called:
a) metamorphosis
b) sputum
c) mucus glands
d) megatrends

Snakes sense their environment with:
a) regeneration
b) glottis
c) esophagus
d) Jacobson's organ

As a frog breathes, air is forced through the:
a) pelvic gurdle
b) tail
c) glottis
d) egg

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