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Baroque music could be described as:
a) 1. Overdone, flamboyant, heavily ornamented.
b) 2. Laid back, shy, conservative
c) 3. Poppish, snobby, with attitude.
d) 4. Intensive, emotional, controlling.

The Baroque Period lasted from:
a) 1. 450-1450 A.D.
b) 2. 1700-1800 A.D.
c) 3. 1600-1750 A.D.
d) 4. 1450-1600 A.D

Which of the following is a famous Classical Composer?
a) 1. Mozart
b) 2. Tchaikovsky
c) 3. Bach
d) 4. Hammerstein

What is a motive (motif)?
a) 1. short melodic or rhythmic idea
b) 2. large unit
c) 3. smallest unit to form a melody or theme
d) 4. the melody

Classical music, compared to music of the past was:
a) 1. lighter and less complex
b) 2. flamboyant
c) 3. using obbligato more then before
d) 4. more polyphonic in nature

Considered the first Popular American Composer.
a) 1. Blind Lemon Jefferson
b) 2. Bessie Smith
c) 3. Stephen Collins Foster
d) 4. Big Bill Broonzy

The best description of Jazz is
a) 1. Syncopated and Improvised
b) 2. Slow and Melancholy
c) 3. Composed and Straight
d) 4. 12 bars of I IV V

The section of a song that is sung the same way every time it repeats is called the
a) 1. steady beat
b) 2. accent
c) 3. phrase
d) 4. refrain

2. Name the first five notes of the C major scale.
a) a. ABCDE
b) b. CDEFG
c) c. CEGCE
d) d. CBAGF

3. A time signature in which there are four beats per measure and a quarter note receives the beat is:
a) 4/4
b) 3/4
c) 2/4
d) 6/8

5. In 4/4 meter how many quarter notes equal the same amount of time as a half note?
a) 4
b) 3
c) 2
d) 1

7. In 4/4 meter a dotted half note equals the same amount of time as how many quarter notes?
a) 4
b) 3
c) 2
d) 1

10. The space between two barlines is a:
a) a. Measure
b) b. Grand staff
c) c. Time signature
d) d. Repeat sign

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