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What does work ethics mean?
a) A system of values in which purposeful activity is of central importance
b) being good
c) what you do at work
d) principals that apply to home life

What are the three characteristics dealing with work ethics?
a) integrity, interpersonal skills, and dependability
b) integrity, work skills, honesty
c) refernce, interpersonal skills, dependability
d) honesty, involvement, helpfulness

When did work ethics begin to occur?
a) Protestant Reformation
b) Civil War Era
c) Cold War Era
d) Roman Times

Which one provides research, education, and training on work safety?
b) Social Security
c) CIA
d) Government Officals

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 provided what
a) Freedom of Discrimination & Sexual Harrassment
b) Freedom of Labor
c) Freedom of Work Safety
d) Minimum Wage Established

Which is the most highly sought after characteristic?
a) Dependability
b) Integrity
c) Honesty
d) Interpersonal Skills

Which are other skills that are required for good work ethics?
a) communication skills
b) positive attitude
c) punctual
d) All of these listed

When will you used work ethics?
a) Community Service
b) Work Life
c) School Life
d) All of these

Which are interpersonal skill examples?
a) habits, attitudes, manners, appearance, and behaviors
b) habits, manners,jokes, honesty
c) e-mail etiquette, new clothes, helpfulness, cheerfulness
d) attitudes, intellectual abilities, isolation, appearance

What is expected of your work ethics while at work, school, or community service?
a) To follow all three characteristics associated with work ethics
b) To just be good
c) To only follow one of the three characteristics
d) To apply the "golden rule" to your ethics

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