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Which of these cities would be found in the most densely populated area on northern section of the map?
a) tokyo
b) shanghai
c) beijing
d) seoul

Which of these is MOST impacted by the construction of the Three Gorges Dam?
a) yangtze river
b) indus river
c) ganges river
d) yellow river

“A youth is to be regarded with respect. How do we know that his future will not be equal to our present? If he reach the age of forty or fifty, and has not made himself heard of, then indeed he will not be worth being regarded with respect.”
a) age will determine respect.
b) age does not matter
c) youth have all the answers
d) youth should not be trusted

Which of these BEST sums up the overall goal of the Cultural Revolution in China?
a) remove capitalist impulses from the population and reenforce communist doctrine
b) eliminate Japanese influence from the major coastal trading ports
c) to take back the city of Hong Kong from the United Kingdom
d) drive out British merchants who continued to trade opium

Which answer BEST supports the statement, China's government can be considered an Oligarchy?
a) The only political party allowed to exist is the Communist Party of China.
b) The government has traditionally existed as a command economy.
c) The government is ruled completely by one person who has unchecked authority.
d) The right to vote is given to all citizens who are at least 18 years of age.

• One country has a more market-oriented sytem while the other country has a closed economic system • Both countries have powerful militaries
a) North Korea and China
b) North Korea and Vietnam
c) China and India
d) Indonesia and China

Which answers BEST supports the statement that India is a federal republic?
a) The powers of the central government are restricted and the 29 states retain a degree of self-government.
b) The Legislative branch is made up a bicameral parliament who can check the power of the Executive branch.
c) They are ruled by a monarch whose powers are limited by a constitution and by custom.
d) The Supreme Court of India can overrule laws crated by the Parliament.

Why would a country want to erect trade barriers such as tariffs or quotas?
a) to protect domestic jobs
b) to stimulate the economy
c) to expand their markets
d) to make goods cheaper

India ranks in the bottom 25% in the world for Gross Domestic Product per capita. Which of these statistics BEST describes why this might be the case?
a) Literacy Rate: 65%
b) Population: 1.2 Billion
c) Total Area: 1.2 million sq mi
d) Government Type: Federal Republic

The Indus Valley has a large fertile plain which has contributed to the large population growth in which of these South Asian countries?
a) china
b) vietnam
c) saudi arabia
d) pakistan

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