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Which of these is the best definition of a climax forest?
a) the development of a pond in a forest community
b) the area left after a forest fire has destroyed the trees and plants
c) a group of mature trees and large animals found in a community
d) an area made up of a diverse community of saplings and small animals

All of the following can be used to identify the type of leaf except.
a) leaf margins
b) number of leaves on one stem
c) leaf size
d) number of pine needles

Maples trees are
a) deciduous trees
b) conifers trees
c) seasonal trees
d) mature trees

Clear cutting is a method that cuts down
a) trees 2” or larger in diameter
b) all trees with a full crown
c) only the selected trees
d) all of the trees

Trees are useful parts of daily life. They can produce
a) paint dyes
b) chewing gum
c) rubber gloves
d) all of the above

During the early stages of primary succession you would not find a
a) dandelions
b) cougar
c) deer
d) rabbits

The canopy of a rainforest has
a) no living organisms
b) a diverse population
c) Only primates
d) an emergent population

Forest fires have many benefits except
a) fertile soil
b) economic growth
c) kills off sick trees
d) allows new species to move in

An area has just be devastated by a forest fire. The entire forest was completely destroyed. This would represent
a) climax succession
b) primary succession
c) secondary succession
d) regression succession

A stage of succession that has an abundance larger predators would be
a) meadow
b) mature forest
c) shrub
d) field

Identify leaf C is on the board.
a) elm
b) pine
c) maple
d) willow

All of the following are found in the early stages primary succession except
a) non-woody plants
b) voles
c) grasses
d) hawks

Control burns are beneficial for all of the following reasons except
a) increasing animal habitat
b) allowing new organisms to move in
c) create fertile soil
d) prevent undesirable forest fires

Identify leaf A is on the board.
a) elm
b) pine
c) maple
d) willow

Identify leaf B is on the board.
a) elm
b) pine
c) maple
d) willow

Which silviculture technique should be performed on an even-aged stand of trees
a) thinning
b) clear cutting
c) seed tree cutting
d) shelterwood cutting

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