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A natural environment includes
a) plants
b) factories
c) stories
d) culture

Many American Indian groups tell origin stories to
a) teach their children tghe arts of warfare
b) explain how Earth and its people came to be
c) predict how the world will end
d) take the place of their native language

According to the Hopis, where did people live at first?
a) in the sky
b) inside the Earth
c) across the sea
d) in a dense forest

As they migrated, the first Americans went in search of big game such as
a) whales
b) walruses
c) bears
d) caribou

As they migrated, early American Indians had to adapt by
a) using what was around them in nature
b) carrying all of their food with them
c) leaving old tools behind
d) appointing

Most early American Indians settled in places that had
a) scarce resources
b) lots of rain and snow
c) rich natural resources
d) huge sheets of ice

Which of these were the Inuits least likely to make in their environment?
a) snow gogglesmade from bone
b) an igloo built out of ice and snow
c) a winter count on buffalo hide
d) a float constructed from sealskin

Which natural resource did the Sioux use to record their history?
a) tall grass for baskets
b) eagle feather for a pen
c) horses' hooves for ink
d) buffalo hide for pictographs

A change or adjustment in a way of life that allows people to survive in a particular environment is known as
a) adapt
b) environment
c) migration
d) adaptations

To __________________ is to move from one region of the world to another region.
a) pictograph
b) migration
c) orgin stories
d) environment

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