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He rewrote the Preamble of the Constitution to make the states sound more like one nation.
a) Gouverneur Morris
b) George Mason
c) James Madison
d) Thomas Paine

The first elected legislature in the colonies. It was located in Virginia.
a) Constitutional Convention
b) House of Burgesses
c) Continental Congress
d) President

This was used to let all the colonies know what actions were taking place.
a) Committee of Correspondence
b) US mail
c) House of Burgesses
d) Common Sense

The leader of the Wampanoag who agreed to peace with the Pilgrims.
a) Squanto
b) Pocohantas
c) Chief Massasoit
d) John Rolfe

American attorney who defended the soldiers in the Boston Massacre and argued for independence.
a) Samuel Adams
b) Patrick Henry
c) Martha Stewart
d) John Adams

Governor of Plimoth, the settlement of the Pilgrims
a) John Smith
b) John Rolfe
c) William Bradford
d) William Penn

American Revolutionary leader who created the Committee of Correspondence.
a) Ben Franklin
b) Samuel Adams
c) Patrick Henry
d) John Adams

The believed all people were equal and basically good. They were against violence.
a) Quakers
b) Pilgrims
c) Puritans
d) Wampanoag

British General who surrendered at the Battle of Yorktown.
a) Lord Baltimore
b) Gouverneur Morris
c) General Cornwallis
d) George Washington

He wrote Common Sense.
a) Thomas Paine
b) Benjamin Franklin
c) George Mason
d) James Madison

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