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What produces hydronium (H3O+) ions when dissolved in water?
a) An acid
b) A base
c) A salt
d) A buffer

What is neutralization?
a) A reaction that produces OH- ions in water.
b) A reaction between an acid and a base.
c) A reaction between two acids.
d) A reaction between two bases.

What is pH?
a) The measure of hydroxide ions in a solution
b) The measure of water ions in solution
c) The measure of hydronium ions in solution
d) The measure of salt in solution

A substance that chages color with an acid or a base is....
a) water
b) hydroxide
c) hydronium
d) indicator

What produces hydroxide (OH-) ions when dissolved in water?
a) an acid
b) a base
c) a salt
d) water

The amount of solute dissolved in solvent is called...
a) dissociation
b) neutralization
c) concentration
d) indicator

Which is NOT a property of an acid?
a) sour taste
b) usually reacts with metal
c) changes color with an indicator
d) feels slippery

A_________ is a proton acceptor
a) acid
b) base
c) salt
d) water

What does a buffer do?
a) changes the pH of a solution
b) keeps the pH of a solution constant
c) does nothing
d) decreases the pH of a solution

Which is NOT a property of a base?
a) feels slippery
b) reacts with metals
c) changes color with an indicator
d) tastes bitter

acid rain is rain that has a pH of.....
a) less than 7
b) 5.6
c) less than 5.6
d) 7

A chemical with a pH of 6 is a....
a) strong acid
b) strong base
c) weak acid
d) weak base

What two acids are responsible for acid rain?
a) carbonic and citric acids
b) sulfuric and nitric acids
c) hydrochloric and nitric acids
d) sulfuric and carbonic acids.

An example of dry deposition is...
a) rain
b) dust
c) fog
d) none of these

an example of wet deposition is....
a) dust
b) ash from a volcano
c) rain
d) wind

What is a chemical produced by the burning of coal?
a) uranium (U)
b) methane(CH4)
c) sulfur dioxide (SO2)
d) chloroflourocarbons(CFCs)

Which is NOT an acid?
a) grapefruit
b) soda
c) soap
d) apple

Which is NOT a base?
a) soap
b) drain cleaner
c) bleach
d) seltzer

HCl is a.....
a) acid
b) base
c) neutral
d) salt

NaOH is a......
a) acid
b) base
c) neutral
d) salt

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