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What do the Texas and US Congress have in common?
a) They both meet every year
b) They are both bicameral
c) They both have the same age requirements for Representatives and Senators
d) They both can print money

Which of the following is an IMPLIED power of Congress?
a) regulate interstate trade
b) create post offices
c) draft men into the military
d) levy taxes

Which of the following implied powers is needed to carry out the expressed power to regulate interstate trade?
a) Create stamps to mail letters
b) Draft men into the military
c) Punish people who make fake money
d) Create a minimum wage

Which of the following is NOT a category of congressional powers used by the National Government?
a) Reserved Powers
b) Expressed Powers
c) Implied Powers
d) Inherent Powers

Why does Congress divide up into committees?
a) The Constitution requires that Congress has at least 5 committees
b) Make sure no one has to do too much work
c) Congress passed a law in 1968 requiring committees
d) To educate new Congressmen

What is the purpose of a filibuster?
a) Place a bill on a calendar
b) Change the minds of congressmen that want to vote 'no' for your bill
c) Talk in order to delay a vote
d) Demonstrate your knowledge of a bill

What is the purpose of a Conference Committee?
a) To introduce new bills to the House of Representatives
b) To finalize a bill in the House and Senate before it goes to the President
c) To create tax (revenue) bills
d) To meet with the President to discuss plans for the future

Which of the following is NOT a power of the Senate?
a) Create a tax (revenue) bill
b) Act as a court for an impeachment trial
c) Confirm presidential appointments
d) Ratify (approve) a treaty negotiated by the President

A document that requires you to testify before a court is called a
a) tax
b) perjury
c) impeachment
d) subpeona

Why does Congress have the Elastic Clause?
a) To prevent Congress from taking away states' rights
b) To allow Congress to add powers beyond the powers written in the Constitution
c) To allow both houses of Congress to see a bill before it goes to the President
d) To prevent fraudulent voting

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