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Which of the following is an example of an unsaturated fat?
a) butter
b) margarine
c) lard
d) vegetable oil

How many calories are in each gram of fat?
a) 2
b) 4
c) 7
d) 9

Lipoproteins that carry cholesterol from liver to body tissues and is known as bad cholesterol are called _____.
a) HDL
b) LDL
c) IDL
d) ODL

Which of the following is an example of a trans fat?
a) butter
b) lard
c) margarine
d) olive oil

Avoiding high-cholesterol foods helps you limit one of the main contributors to _______ in your arteries.
a) plaque
b) lipoproteins
c) triglycerides
d) phospholipids

Heating a fat to its ______________ hastens its decomposition.
a) solidification point
b) smoke point
c) melting point
d) boiling point

Animal products contain the only _______ found in foods.
a) lipoproteins
b) triglycerides
c) cholesterol
d) calories

A double bond involves a total of _____ shared electrons.
a) 2
b) 4
c) 6
d) 8

A molecular structure that includes a carbon atom, an oxygen atoms, and a hydroxyl group is called a ______.
a) fatty acid
b) carboxyl group
c) hydroxyl group
d) plaque

Cholesterol is transported in the blood by __________.
a) lipoproteins
b) adipose tissue
c) plaque
d) trans fat

Generally, fats don't become rancid in a(n) ______ - free environment.
a) hydrogen
b) oxygen
c) carbon
d) nitrogen

Excess fat is stored in the body as ______.
a) lipoproteins
b) cholesterol
c) fatty acids
d) adipose tissue

Dietary _______ is believed to contribute to heart disease.
a) cholesterol
b) fiber
c) supplements
d) enzymes

___________ are identified by the length of their carbon chain.
a) hydroxyl groups
b) carboxyl groups
c) fatty acids
d) lipoproteins

_____________ form double bonds in place of hydrogen atoms in their molecular structure.
a) Saturated Fats
b) HDL
c) LDL
d) Unsaturated Fats

A fatty acid is saturated when it contains all the _____ atoms its molecular structure allows.
a) Carbon
b) Oxygen
c) Nitrogen
d) Hydrogen

Which of the following is an example of a saturated fat?
a) butter
b) margarine
c) canola oil
d) shortening

Butter that has softened to o much can become usable again by chilling it to its _______________.
a) Boiling Point
b) Solidification Point
c) Melting Point
d) Freezing Point

Hydrogenation helps stabilize a lipid by increasing the proportion of ______ bonds.
a) Single
b) Double
c) Covalent
d) Ionic

__________ form the largest class of fats and oils in the human diet.
a) Phospholipids
b) Sterols
c) Triglycerides
d) Lipoproteins

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