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An astronaut viewed Earth from space. Which of the following did she observe?
a) Earth has five main oceans that are distinctly different.
b) Earth has equal amounts of ocean and land on its surface.
c) Ocean water covers about 71% of Earth's surface.
d) Three-fourths of the Earth's surface is land.

Jekyll Island and Cumberland Island are two of a series of barrier islands that are located along Georgia's Atlantic coastline. Along these islands, the beaches that face east tend to erode away, and south-facing shorelines tend to grow. Why?
a) The sand that is eroded away is transported and deposited where the shorelines are growing.
b) It is at a plate boundary
c) People haul dirt in to replenish soil.
d) None of the reasons are correct

On a geology research trip, you find another valley that is V-shaped. What most likely formed this valley?
a) rivers
b) glaciers
c) earthquakes
d) high winds

On a geology research trip, you find mushroom shaped rocks. They have umbrella shaped tops, but are thinner at the bottom. What most likely formed the mushroom shaped rocks?
a) moving water
b) wind
c) earthquakes
d) rain

On a geology research trip, you notice a U-shaped valley. There are deep scratchs along the valley walls. What most likely formed this valley?
a) Rivers
b) Glaciers
c) Earthquakes
d) People

There are more than 500 caves in Georgia, many of them in the far northwestern counties of Dade and Walker. How do caves form in existing layers of limestone?
a) The mineral calcite is found in Limestone and becomes easily weathered by acidic water forming holes.
b) People make the caves by excavating using tractors.
c) Constant earthquakes make the caves
d) High winds make the caves

The water cycle involves energy changes and the continuous movement of water between Earth and its atmosphere. Condensation primarily takes place
a) on Earth's surface where it is heated.
b) in the oceans
c) in the atmosphere where air is cooled.
d) in the polar ice caps.

Streams and rivers deposit sediment at the end forming deltas and
a) glaciers
b) caves
c) stalagmites and stalactites
d) alluvial fans (pile of sediment in the shape of a fan)

In the water cycle, the sun's energy causes
a) evaporation
b) condensation
c) precipitation
d) percolation

Which of the the following landforms results from river and stream erosion
a) mountains
b) glaciers
c) river channels
d) aquifers

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