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What does the license grant portion of the license agreement specify?
a) The exact begin and end dates of the contract and processes for contract renewal
b) Procedures to review the licensee's work
c) Which properties are being licensed and what types of merchandise will be produced
d) Details regarding payments

When an event planner seeks celebrity endorsements for an upcoming event, s/he should make sure they are credible and
a) resourceful
b) innovative
c) neutral
d) trustworthy

The selection of a particular entertainer to endorse a new product should be directly linked to the company's
a) distribution
b) profitability
c) image
d) personality

What does trade dress protect?
a) he distinctive logo/graphics of a good or service
b) The distinctive slogan of a good or service
c) The distinctive appearance/image of a good or service
d) The distinctive name of a good or service

Professional sport franchises' marks are considered service marks because of
a) the food and souvenir stands at sporting events.
b) the agility of professional athletes.
c) ticket sales
d) the entertainment value of sporting events

What should every sport organization do before registering a trademark?
a) Hire logo cops to look for counterfeit merchandise
b) Conduct a trademark search for conflicting/similar marks
c) Develop a licensing program
d) Offer guidelines for consumers on how to distinguish real products from fake

What portion of the license agreement specifies the exact begin and end dates of the contract?
a) License grant
b) Term
c) Warranties and obligations
d) Restrictions and requirements

One of the benefits to a business of using an advertising agency is that the
a) business can promote its products less expensively.
b) agency has an objective view of the marketplace
c) business will not need to prepare a promotional budget.
d) agency may represent one of the business's competitors

A characteristic of a full-service advertising agency is that it contains a
a) creative department.
b) television studio.
c) printing facility.
d) talent agency.

The main characteristic of a full-service advertising agency is that it
a) does not limit its services to promotion
b) does not provide services to individuals
c) specializes in providing creative services.
d) specializes in buying media time and space.

Which of the following is a factor that businesses often consider when selecting advertising agencies
a) Accounting system
b) performance record
c) work environment
d) staff organization

One reason why many businesses contract with advertising agencies is to obtain
a) marketing strategies.
b) free publicity
c) copywriting services.
d) operational advice.

Many businesses coordinate a wide variety of promotional activities such as advertising, special events, and displays in order to
a) spread out promotional funds.
b) reach a large audience.
c) maintain appearances.
d) keep employees occupied.

A business coordinates its advertising, visual merchandising, and special events in order to
a) develop policies.
b) forecast sales
c) attract customers
d) improve relations

Which of the following might a business lose if it fails to inform its employees about the goods and services being promoted:
a) sales
b) image
c) basics
d) credit

In which of the following situations might a business decide to increase the percent of net sales that it allocates to its promotional budget
a) Radio stations are charging more.
b) Suppliers want more coverage
c) Consumers want more coupons.
d) Competitors are spending more.

Which of the following is an example of coordinating promotional activities:
a) A business advertises a product and mails free samples to consumers
b) A business develops an annual schedule for window displays
c) A famous athlete endorses a product in television and magazine ads
d) Members of the distribution channel share advertising costs.

A guideline to follow when preparing promotional budgets is to keep them flexible because they are
a) concepts.
b) objectives
c) forecasts
d) techniques

A business that uses advertised specials to attract customer interest should use displays to __________ that interest.
a) reinforce
b) overcome
c) surmount
d) displace

What is the primary factor that marketers must consider when allocating funds to the promotional budget?
a) Promotional mix
b) Corporate accounting system
c) Inventory levels
d) Organization's size

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