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Government body that brings a criminal charge against the accused
a) prosecution
b) appeal
c) precedent
d) judicial review

Individual or group that brings a complaint against another party
a) plaintiff
b) defendent
c) opinion
d) precedent

Another name for court of appeals
a) circuit courts
b) judicial activism
c) original jurisdiction
d) judicial restraint

Request for a higher court to review a case
a) appeal
b) opinion
c) appellate jurisdiction
d) prosecution

Power of the Supreme Court to overturn laws
a) judicial review
b) judicial restraint
c) appellate jurisdiction
d) circuit courts

Guidelines for how similar cases should be decided in the future
a) precedent
b) judicial activism
c) judicial review
d) courts of appeals

Effort by judges to play an active role in making policy
a) judicial activism
b) precedent
c) circuit courts
d) opinion

Written statement explaining a decision
a) opinion
b) defendant
c) judicial review
d) prosecution

Party who defends against a complaint
a) defendant
b) prosecution
c) plaintiff
d) opinion

Work by judges to avoid overturning laws
a) judicial restraint
b) courts of appeals
c) appellate jurisdiction
d) original jurisdiction

The authority to hear a case first
a) original jurisdiction
b) judicial restraint
c) appeal
d) judicial activism

The authority to hear a case from a lower court
a) appellate jurisidiction
b) defendant
c) precedent
d) judicial review

Handle appeals from federal district courts
a) Court of appeals
b) circuit courts
c) appellate jurisidiction
d) opinion

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