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How do you calculate density?
a) Divide the mass of each liquid by its volume
b) Subtract mass from the volume
c) Add mass to the volume
d) divide matter by volume

What is mass?
a) amount of matter in an object
b) volume
c) matter
d) density

A grooved wheel with a rope or cable around it
a) pulley
b) lever
c) screw
d) wedge

An object with at least one slanted side ending in a sharp edge
a) wedge
b) fulcrum
c) screw
d) pulley

Inclined plane wrapped around a pole
a) screw
b) pulley
c) lever
d) matter

A wheel with with a rod through its center and both parts move together is called
a) wheel-and-axle
b) pulley
c) lever
d) wedge

A stiff bar that rests on a support
a) lever
b) inclined plane
c) pulley
d) wedge

A lever that rests on the support
a) fulcrum
b) screw
c) pulley
d) wedge

A slanted surface connecting a lower level to a higher level
a) Inclined plane
b) pulley
c) lever
d) fulcrum

Something that you can observe or measure such as color, texture, mass
a) physical properties
b) matter
c) density
d) volume

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