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What is the standard unit of length?
a) gram
b) meter
c) Newton
d) Kelvin

What are the four general areas of science?
a) Physics, Earth Science, Meteorology, and Life Science
b) Earth Science, Astronomy, Life Science, and Oceanography
c) Chemistry, Physics, Life science, and Earth science
d) Geology, Chemistry, Life Science, and Physics

What is the unit of measurement for temperature?
a) Mass
b) Kelvin
c) Fahrenheit
d) Newton

If someone weighed themselves on the moon, would it be the same or different from their weight on the Earth?
a) Same, because you have the same amount of matter
b) Different, because the gravitational pull is more on the moon than on the Earth
c) Same, because the gravitational pull is the same on the earth and moon
d) Different, because the gravitational pull is less on the moon than on the Earth

If you know the density and volume of an object, can you determine the mass? If so, how?
a) Yes, because D= M/V therefore if you multiply Volume and density, you would receive the mass of the object
b) No, because mass is not associated with density
c) Yes, because D= V/M therefore if you divide density from the volume you would get mass
d) No, because there is not a formula given for mass

What are the four specific areas of Earth Science?
a) geology, physics, chemistry, and astronomy
b) astronomy, life science, geology, and meteorology
c) meteorology, astronomy, oceanography, geology
d) oceanography, astronomy, geology, and physics

What is a comparable standard in an experiment?
a) law
b) hypothesis
c) variable
d) control

What is a basic method used by scientists to solve problems using a series of planned steps?
a) Experiment
b) Scientific Method
c) Procedure
d) Scientific Process

What is a well-tested description of the behavior of something in nature?
a) Theory
b) Scientific Method
c) Law
d) Hypothesis

What two measurements can volume be found in SI units?
a) cubic centimeters and milliliters
b) square centimeters and milliliters
c) cubic feet and fluid ounces
d) cubic inches and milliliters

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