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A feature of an experiment that does not change
a) control
b) constant
c) conclusion
d) results

The measurements or facts which are recorded as the experiment progresses
a) data
b) research
c) materials
d) scientific method

To look at or observe something closely
a) infer
b) identify
c) examine
d) measure

An educated guess about what the answer to the problem or research question will be
a) conclusion
b) results
c) hypothesis
d) application

To name or recognize something based on its properties
a) observe
b) identify
c) analyze
d) classify

The factor of the experiment which is being changed
a) dependent variable
b) hypohesis
c) independent variable
d) constant

To determine the extent, quantity, or dimensions of something
a) measure
b) record
c) research
d) compare

To use your senses to gather information about an object or event
a) record
b) examine
c) identify
d) observe

To make an educated guess about a future event based on information about similar events in the past
a) analyze
b) predict
c) experiment
d) measure

A detailed series of steps to follow to perform an experiment
a) materials
b) application
c) procedure
d) data

To make a list of data and information for later use
a) research
b) record
c) journal
d) formulate

A method of research in which a problem is identified, a hypothesis is formulated and then tested resulting in conclusions being drawn
a) experiment
b) scientific method
c) procedure
d) application

A record of observations, research, and other information related to the experiment
a) journal
b) results
c) procedure
d) scientific method

Supplies and equipment required for the experiment
a) research
b) data
c) application
d) materials

A statement which broadly explains or interprets the data
a) results
b) conclusion
c) hypothesis
d) procedure

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