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Minerals are...
a) natural and non-living
b) always used for jewelry
c) made in factories
d) made of dead organisms

What mineral can scratch corundum
a) topaz
b) quartz
c) talc
d) diamond

What is a control
a) part of the experiment the scientist changes
b) group used for comparison
c) a mad scientist
d) none of these choices

What are sedimentary rocks made from?
a) magma
b) lava
c) sand and other sediments
d) dead animals

Which of the following is an identifying property of minerals?
a) streak
b) luster
c) cleavage
d) all of these choices

A mineral can be scratched by...
a) a mineral softer than itself
b) minerals can't be scratched
c) a mineral harder than itself
d) only diamonds

What is the structure of a mineral like?
a) no structure
b) liquid
c) crystalline
d) lava

What rock is formed from magma?
a) metamorphic
b) lava
c) igneous
d) sedimentary

What causes metamorphic rock to turn to magma?
a) freezing
b) melting
c) erosion
d) sediments

How do sedimentary rocks become metamorphic rocks?
a) heat and pressure
b) erosion
c) deposition
d) weathering

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