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What do the arrows in a food chain show?
a) how water is passed from organism to organism
b) the flow of energy through an ecosystem
c) the passing of oxygen
d) what organisms eat

Which of the following is a limited resource for organisms on the rainforest floor?
a) water
b) sunlight
c) heat
d) oxygen

How do rainforest mosquitoes get energy?
a) They are parasites.
b) They are producers.
c) They are decomposers.
d) They do not need energy to stay alive.

What is the original source of energy for the food chain that is involved when you eat cheese?
a) mold
b) water
c) cows
d) sunlight

How do mushrooms survive in the rainforest?
a) They grow on decaying trees and get energy from dead plant and animal matter.
b) They perform photosynthesis.
c) Water provides them with all of their energy.
d) They get energy from the sun.

Does a toucan bird depend on the sun?
a) Yes, the toucan is a producer.
b) No, the toucan eats fruit.
c) Yes, the sun supplies the energy for all food chains.
d) No, the rainforest does not have sunlight.

The plants in the rainforest all have which three needs?
a) water, sunlight, oxygen
b) water, light, electricity
c) water, carbon dioxide, sunlight
d) iron, calcium, lead

Jaguars hunt for, kill, and eat animals. All of the following correctly describe jaguars except for:
a) consumers
b) predators
c) carnivores
d) herbivores

What supplies the energy to all organisms in tropical rainforest?
a) rain
b) heat
c) sunlight
d) oxygen

Slugs are decomposers. How do they get the energy that they need?
a) Slugs eat leaves growing on rainforest plants.
b) Slugs feed on dead leaves and waste on the forest floor.
c) Slugs take in sunlight and water to make their own food.
d) Slugs are predators that search for prey.

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