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What point of view is this story told from?
a) 1st place: the main character is telling the story
b) 2nd place: the narrator is talking to you and you are a part of the story
c) 3rd place: the narrator is just a voice that is not a character in the story
d) 4th place: the narrator is the illustrator

Which word does NOT describe Walter in the beginning of the story?
a) messy
b) environmentally friendly
c) wasteful
d) lazy

Where does Walter live?
a) an urban area
b) a rural area
c) a suburb
d) a mountain

Where does this story take place?
a) the setting changes throughout
b) a farm
c) Mount Everest
d) the Grand Canyon

Which of the following was not something that Walter hoped would be in the future?
a) tiny computers that you wore as a watch
b) tiny airplanes that you park on the roof
c) a robot to do your chores
d) a machine that could make jelly donuts by the thousands

When Walter woke up the first time, what had happened to his home?
a) It had turned into a trash can
b) It had turned into a pile of dust
c) It had turned into a hazy cloud
d) It had turned into a trash dump

What was the ''important'' thing that the workers were cutting the tree down to make?
a) houses
b) toothpicks
c) paintbrushes
d) pencils

What was ironic about the Medicine Factory?
a) The medicine they were making wouldn't be necessary if the factory wasn't there.
b) The medicine they were making gave people itchy eyes.
c) Nobody had itchy eyes or burning throats.
d) They weren't making any medicine.

Instead of a breathtaking view, what was at the top of Mount Everest?
a) a tree
b) a trash dump
c) a hotel
d) a haze

What were the fishermen celebrating?
a) Their 1st fish ever caught.
b) Their 2nd fish caught in the entire year.
c) The biggest fish in the lake.
d) The millions of fish in their buckets.

Why are fishermen supposed to throw the small fish back?
a) So they can get eaten by sharks.
b) So they can get away.
c) So they can grow into adult fish and have babies before being caught for food.
d) So they can hide under a rock.

What was ironic about the cars sitting in traffic?
a) They were honking.
b) They had people in them with coffee.
c) They were too clean.
d) They were made for transportation, but they weren't moving anywhere.

Which word best describes the setting of the cars in traffic?
a) stressful
b) fun
c) fresh
d) peaceful

Why do you think there was a haze at the Grand Canyon?
a) too much sand
b) too many rocks
c) too much pollution
d) too much space

What was wrong with the Grand Canyon?
a) You couldn't see it anymore because of the haze.
b) You couldn't go there anymore.
c) It was just empty rocks.
d) It was too big to look at.

Why did the duck need to rest on Walter's bed?
a) Littering is fine if you clean it up later.
b) Ducks can't fly forever, so leave landing space for them.
c) Don't cut down trees to make pencils.
d) Appreciate and take care of nature, because it is precious.

What was the moral of the story?
a) Yes, they just needed to look harder.
b) No, it never existed.
c) No, something terrible happened to it.
d) Yes, it was easy to find.

What was Walter's favorite birthday gift?
a) a toy robot
b) a toy plane
c) a video game
d) a tree

What did Walter learn to appreciate by the end of the story?
a) trash
b) birthday presents
c) roses
d) nature

How did the future at the end of the story feel?
a) peaceful and dirty
b) peaceful and clean
c) stressful and dirty
d) stressful and clean

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