The Egypt Game- Final Question Preview (ID: 24534)

Review For Your Final Test.

Who is Horemheb?
a) Ken
b) Toby
c) Marshall
d) Melanie

The youngest Egyptian:
a) Marshall
b) Elizabeth
c) April
d) Toby

Name the Professor's store:
a) A-Z
b) Curious Collectables
c) ABC Shop
d) K-Mart

Who was mummified?
a) Petey
b) Johnny
c) Polly
d) Petunia

April's nickname
a) February
b) March
c) January
d) May

Where was Security???
a) Under Set's throne
b) In the alley
c) Near the Crocodile Stone
d) By the fence

Who was the murderer?
a) The stock boy
b) The milk man
c) The Professor
d) The mail carrier

When returning to Egypt, the girls decided to make a sacrifice. What did they sacrifice?
a) Fingernails and hair
b) Elizabeth's pet bird
c) Their homework
d) Feathers and flowers

Who was answering the questions posed to the oracle?
a) The Professor and Toby
b) Toby and Ken
c) The Professor and Ken
d) Marshall and Toby

What culture does April want to include in their game next?
a) Gypsy
b) Native American
c) Roman
d) Aztec

What does The Professor give everyone for Christmas?
a) Keys to Egypt
b) Egyptian antiques
c) Knitted sweaters
d) Scarab beetles

Everyone though the Professor was a strange recluse, when in actuality...
a) He was lonely because his wife had died
b) He was afraid of children because he had never been around them
c) He was awkward around people because he never knew what to say
d) He preffered being in his shop, studying artifacts from around the world

What evidence do we have that April finally feels like the Casa Rosada is home?
a) She declines an invite to see her mom over break
b) She asks Caroline to let her live with her permanently
c) She refuses to answer Dorothea's phone calls
d) She decorates her room like an Egyptian pyramid

Ramose is...
a) Toby
b) Ken
c) April
d) Marshall

April's Egyptian name:
a) Bastet
b) Aida
c) Cleopatra
d) Ramose

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