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What is the idea in government that the people are the highest authority?
a) Popular Sovereignty
b) Monarchy
c) Anarchy
d) Politics

What type of legislature has only one house?
a) Unicameral
b) Bicameral
c) Tricameral
d) House of Representatives

What was the first constitution of the United States?
a) The Declaration of Indepedence
b) The Articles of Confederation
c) Both
d) None

What was a power not allowed under the Articles of Confederation?
a) Making laws
b) Adding western territory
c) Negotiating treaties
d) Taxing

Who led an armed rebellion against the government of Massachusetts because his
a) James Bowdoin
b) James Morris
c) Daniel Shays
d) Ben Franklin

What was a power of the congress under the Articles of Confederation?
a) Printing money
b) All
c) Resolving controversy between states
d) Raising an army

What was a success of the American government under the Articles of Confederation?
a) Adding western lands
b) None
c) Both
d) Getting an alliance with France

What was the location of the Constitutional Convention?
a) New York
b) Washington, DC
c) Philadelphia
d) Quebec

Which of the following was a prominent Revolutionary leader that was present at the Constitutional Convention?
a) Ben Franklin
b) Patrick Henry
c) John Paul Jones
d) All

Who was under represented at the Constitutional Convention?
a) Women
b) Slaves
c) Western territories
d) All

Which compromise consisted of a two-house legislature?
a) Great Compromise (Connecticut Compromise)
b) 3/5 Compromise
c) Clay Compromise
d) None

What is the group responsible for electing the President?
a) The People
b) The Electoral College
c) The Congress
d) The Executive

What was the compromise reached over slaves and representation for states?
a) 3/5 Compromise
b) Population Compromise
c) 2/4 Compromise
d) None

How many states had to approve the Constitution in order for it to be ratified?
a) 9
b) 13
c) 1
d) 50

Who had to approve the Constitution?
a) Antifederalists
b) Federalists
c) None
d) Both

What did they call supporters of the ratification of the Constitution?
a) The President
b) The Congress
c) The states
d) Supreme Court

Who wrote the Federalist Papers?
a) John Jay
b) James Madison
c) All
d) Alexander Hamilton

Who was the first state to ratify the Constitution?
a) New Jersey
b) Deleware
c) None
d) New York

What was the most powerful objection of the Antifederalists ?
a) There was no Bill of Rights
b) They did not want a President
c) They were against law
d) All

What was a great help for the Federalists winning the debate over ratification?
a) George Washington
b) Money and Control of the Press
c) Adding the Bill of Rights
d) All

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