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In which situation would an Aztec be forced into slavery?
a) If a person wore cotton out of the palace and was not a noble.
b) If the Aztecs captured prisoners of war and brought them into the city.
c) If the Aztecs caught an enslaved person escaping in the marketplace that was not their own.
d) If an Aztec chose to marry an enslaved person.

What did the Incan system of roads and bridges accomplish
a) It helped the empire spread into new continents
b) It provided employment for many peasants
c) It gave the government a major source of revenu
d) It allowed the government to control a large territory

Which pair of traits best describes the government of the Incan Empire?
a) militaristic and disciplined
b) cruel and unpredictable
c) unorganized and democratic
d) hierarchical and administrative

Which statement explains why the emperor gave Aztec nobles power to rule over conquered lands?
a) The expanding empire was too large for the emperor to rule singlehandedly.
b) the emperor hoped to remove threats to to his power by moving nobles to conqeuered lands far from the capital.
c) Aztecs priests claimed the gods demanded that nobles be given more power.
d) The nobles were the people responsible for conquering other lands, so they demanded more power.

The aim of the Aztec educational system was to
a) bring young people into the Aztec religion
b) improve the literacy of peoples conquered by the Aztecs
c) teach people the skills needed to occupy their place in Aztec society
d) spur technological innovation among Aztec scientists and engineers

What allowed the Spanish conquest of the Aztec empire to be successful?
a) Alliances with local peoples
b) superior numbers of soldiers
c) political chaos within the empire
d) occupation of important temples

Which tactic was utilized by the Aztec empire to grow economic stronger?
a) the invention of new weapons
b) production of luxury goods
c) internal conflict among neighbors
d) increasing wealth from tax collection

Which factor most contributed to Tenochtitlán’s population growth?
a) the slave trade that added many more residents to the city
b) religious pilgrimages that helped convince other people to follow Aztec beliefs
c) Aztec engineering skills that helped them build bridges and aqueducts
d) the conquest of nearby peoples that eliminated all Aztec enemies from the surrounding territory

Which best describes the expansion of the Incan Empire?
a) It began in what is now Mexico and spread to South America through migration.
b) It began in what is now Peru and spread along western South America through conquest.
c) It began in what is now Chile and spread northward in the Andes through transportation routes.
d) It began in what is now Brazil and spread west into other parts of South America through economic growth.

Which aspect of Machu Picchu is best understood by historians
a) its importance to Incan religion
b) its place in the Incan trade system
c) its location as the Incan government headquarters
d) its role in the decline of the Incan Empire

The Amazon was crucial to the development of cultures in
a) Central America
b) North America
c) South America
d) The West Indies

Which statement best explains how Aztec religious ceremonies added to the power of the emperor?
a) Because the emperor could order people to be killed in religious ceremonies, he was feared and respected by his subjects.
b) The religious ceremonies involved conquering other people, which helped the emperor gain more power and land.
c) The religious ceremonies emphasized that the emperor was the only god in the universe.
d) Because the emperor presided over most ceremonies, he had many opportunities to gain stature and respect.

How did the conquest of other people benefit the Incan Empire?
a) It spurred innovations in metalworking.
b) It improved discipline among the military.
c) It created a large overseas trade network.
d) It provided funding for the government.

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