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A possible explanation in the form of a testable statement is ..?..
a) Hypothesis
b) Theory
c) Law
d) Fact

A ..?.. may be visual, verbal or mathematical.
a) Prediction
b) Theory
c) Model
d) Law

What do we call a broad comprehensive statement which is thought to be true ?
a) Law
b) Prediction
c) Theory
d) Law

Which scientific process is characterized by if -then statements?
a) Quess
b) Estimate
c) Hypothesis
d) Prediction

What do you call the variable that is placed on the y-axis?
a) dependent
b) independent
c) control group
d) experimental group

An ..?.. is defined as information gathered through the senses.
a) Observation
b) Prediction
c) Sampling
d) Hypothesis

The word science comes from the Latin word that means to ..?..
a) observe
b) quess
c) study
d) know

A logical explanation of events that occur in nature is called a(an)
a) experiment
b) conclusion.
c) theory
d) law

A scientific theory that has been tested many times and is generally accepted as true is called ..?..
a) Theory
b) Prediction
c) Hypothesis
d) Law

When using the scientific method, the first step is to
a) gather information on the problem
b) form a hypothesis
c) record and analyze data
d) state the problem

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