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The Geologic Time Scale is most appropriately measured in the following units:
a) Minutes and Seconds
b) Months and Years
c) Decades and Centuries
d) Eras and Periods

The Law of Superposition states that the oldest rock layers will be found
a) at the top of a rock formation
b) near the middle of a rock formation
c) on the outside of a rock formation
d) at the bottom of a rock formation

Which type of fossil can provide clues about the activities of ancient organisms?
a) trace fossils
b) remains preserved in amber
c) carbon films
d) molds and casts

What do most scientists think caused the mass extinction of dinosaurs and other organisms at the end of the Cretaceous Period?
a) Dinosaurs could not adapt to Earth's changing conditions
b) Dinosaurs were eaten by larger mammals
c) An ice age covered most of Earth with ice
d) The dinosaurs ate too many other organisms and then starved

The Geologic Time Scale is a record of
a) the thickness of sedimentary rock layers
b) the rate of fossil formation
c) the life forms and geologic events in Earth's history
d) the time since the evolution of dinosaurs

A fossil formed when minerals replace all or part of an organism is called a:
a) mold
b) petrified fossil
c) cast
d) trace fossil

Fossils are almost never found in igneous rocks because the organisms that form fossils
a) are buried under sand
b) get trapped in sedimentary layers
c) are destroyed by the heat
d) require great pressure to form fossils

What is a fossil?
a) any dead organism
b) the preserved remains or traces of an organism
c) a perfect copy of a rock
d) an unusal type of rock

Fossils are important when studying the history of Earth becuase fossils provide evidence of all of the following EXCEPT:
a) changes in Earth's surface
b) how oceans originally formed
c) how environments on Earth have changed over time
d) how groups of organisms changed over time

Fossils of Woolly Mammoths have been discovered in the rock layers of Mexico. Which statement provides the BEST explanation for this discovery?
a) Mammoths lived in many different climates
b) Mammoths had adapted to the warm temperatures of Mexico
c) The climate of Mexico has changed over time
d) Mexico was once covered by cold, fresh water

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