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a) Witch who keeps Odysseus against his will
b) Odysseus's son
c) God of the sun
d) Blind prophet from the Land of the Dead

a) Odysseus's mother
b) Odysseus's son
c) Odysseus's father
d) Odysseus's dog

Odysseus's dog
a) Argos
b) Aeolus
c) polyphemus
d) Lotus Eaters

A six headed monster
a) Scylla
b) Charybdis
c) Sirens
d) Calypso

Loudest of all suitors and their leader
a) Eurycleia
b) Antinous
c) Eumaeus
d) Teiresias

God of the sun
a) Hermes
b) Laertes
c) Argos
d) Aeolus

a) God of the Sea
b) Blind prophet from the Land of the Dead
c) The cleverest of all Greeks / formidable in guile
d) God of the wind

A witch who turns Odysseus's men to animals
a) Circe
b) Cyclops
c) Calypso
d) Penelope

a) Odysseus's son
b) A six-headed monster
c) A race of one eyed giants
d) Odysseus'wife

Odysseus' old nurse
a) Eumaeus
b) Antinous
c) Nausicaa
d) Eurycleia

a) Seus
b) Ithaca
c) Scylla
d) Aeolus

a) Sea nymphs who sing enchanting songs
b) A shirlpool that swallows the sead 3 times a day
c) God of the wind
d) Odysseus'son

Offers food that makes one lazy and forgetful
a) The Lotis Eaters
b) Odysseus
c) Helios
d) Ithaca

Goddess of war and wisdom
a) Emaeus
b) Telemachus
c) Odysseus
d) Athena

A race of cannibals
a) Laestrygonians
b) Polyphemus
c) Nausicaa
d) Muse

The author prays to this for help with storytelling
a) Penelope
b) muse
c) Odysseaus
d) Circe

A beautiful Phaeacian Princess
a) Nausicca
b) Cyclopes
c) Athena
d) Argos

a) Eumaeus
b) Lotus Eaters
c) Zeus
d) Poseidon

A civilization of ship builders
a) Phaeacians
b) Sirens
c) Muse
d) Lotus Eaters

winged messenger to the gods
a) Ithaca
b) Helios
c) Hermes
d) Charvbdis

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