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What are the 2 properties of matter?
a) mass and weight
b) volume and energy
c) mass and volume
d) height and length

What unit is mass measured in?
a) grams
b) millileters
c) inches
d) cubic centimeters

What unit is used to measure volume?
a) grams (g)
b) millimeters (mm)
c) milliliters (mL)
d) days

What is one example of a physical property?
a) color
b) density
c) malleability
d) all of the above

What is an independent variable
a) What is being tested in an experiment
b) variable not included in an experiment
c) control group in the experiment
d) What is being measured in an experiment

What is a control group in an experiment?
a) the conclusion
b) the independent variable
c) data
d) group used for comparison

What is the term dry mix used for?
a) mixing chemicals
b) identify variables on a graph
c) making conclusions
d) collecting data

What units are used to measure length?
a) length, width, height
b) mL, liters, volume
c) cm, mm, km
d) g, kg

Why do we use graphs in science
a) analyze data
b) form conclusions
c) identify patterns
d) all of the above

What is a feature of a good conclusion?
a) it's very long
b) it's typed
c) Uses data to support ideas
d) doesn't give a definite answer to the question

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