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If a natural disaster flooded an ecosystem, which organisms would be MOST likely to survive?
a) Organisms with webbed feet
b) Organisms with gills
c) Organisms with fur
d) Organisms with lungs

If a disease swept through Memphis that killed flying insects, what types of spiders would MOST likely survive?
a) Spiders who lived close to the ground
b) Spiders who lived high in the trees
c) Spiders who ate all types of insects
d) Spiders who ate only flying insects

What does extinct mean?
a) Being alive
b) Being dead
c) A species having no living members
d) A species with a large population

A species could become extinct because of
a) sickness
b) no food
c) too many predators
d) All of the above

Humans have caused some animals to go extinct. What is one way that humans MIGHT have caused some animals to be extinct?
a) Destroying animal habitat
b) Creating new homes of animals
c) Eating all of the animals' food
d) None of the above

In order for a species to be in less danger to go extinct, they should have which trait?
a) Eat only one type of food
b) Live in only one specific location
c) Eat many different types of food
d) All of the above

Plants → Rabbits → Fox → Bear : What would MOST likely make the rabbits become extinct?
a) Destroying all of the fox
b) Destroying all of the plants
c) Increasing the number of fox
d) Decreasing the number of bear

Which of the following are DIRECTLY necessary for survival of a heterotroph?
a) prey
b) shelter
c) water
d) all of the above

There are many animals that were alive years ago that are now extinct. This MOST LIKELY was caused by:
a) The organisms didn't want to live in the new world
b) The organisms couldn't adapt to their environment
c) The organisms were too big to survive
d) The organisms were destroyed by a fire

Before an animal goes extinct, it goes on a list to be protected. Why should we protect endangered animals?
a) Endangered animals are the last remaining animal of that species
b) Endangered animals could be bred for fur
c) Endangered animals could be used for experiments
d) Endangered animals are worth a lot of money

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