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To find the percent composition you must first
a) divide by the total mass
b) count the atoms of each element
c) multiply by 100
d) find the percent

Which is NOT found on the periodic table?
a) atomic mass
b) atomic number
c) element's symbol
d) date of discovery

The formula mass of a compound is...
a) the total atomic mass
b) the total number of atoms
c) the percentage of each element

The current model of the atom
a) electron cloud model
b) Bohr's model
c) gold foil model
d) plum pudding model

Bohr's atomic theory and model stated that electrons circled the nucleus in patterns called...
a) the electron cloud
b) valence electrons
c) energy levels or shells
d) plum puddings

Greek philosopher that found the indivisible particles now known as atoms
a) Socrates
b) Democritus
c) Heisenberg
d) Dalton

Rutherford found that the atom was mostly
a) neutrons
b) electrons
c) protons
d) empty space

Electrons have a _____________________ charge
a) negative
b) postive
c) neutral
d) electrical

The nucleus of an atom is made of ...
a) protons and electrons
b) protons and neutrons
c) neutrons and electrons
d) compounds and elements

The part of an atom that orbits the nucleus
a) electron
b) proton
c) neutron
d) cloud

Thomson's atomic model was called the______________ model
a) valence electron
b) electron cloud
c) chocolate chip
d) plum pudding

Jared has an element that is a shiny solid and conducts electricity. It is most likely...
a) a halogen
b) a metalloid
c) a metal
d) a non metal

Compounds are
a) two or more electrons
b) two molecules
c) tow atoms bonded together
d) two elements joined together

Elements have a wide range of....
a) shapes
b) properties
c) masses
d) numbers

The elements on the periodic table are mostly...
a) metals
b) alkali metals
c) non metals
d) metalloids

About how many elements are on the periodic table?
a) 75-100
b) 100-125
c) 115
d) 94

The columns (up and down) on the periodic table are called...
a) periods or rows
b) subscript
c) families or groups
d) metalloids

Which scientist believed that atoms of the same elment are exactly alike?
a) Dalton
b) Thomson
c) Rutherford
d) Bohr

An atom with 10 protons, 10 electrons and 15 neutrons would have an atomic mass of
a) 25
b) 35
c) 20
d) 10

Calcium Carbonate has 1 calcium (Ca) atom, 1 carbon (C) atom, and 3 oxygen (O) atoms. What is the formula?
a) CaO2
b) CaC3O
c) Ca3CO
d) CaCO3

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