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What is the bending of waves due to a change in speed called?
a) reflection
b) refraction
c) diffraction
d) interference

The only waves that can travel through space are?
a) chemical waves
b) electromagnetic waves
c) mechanical waves
d) ocean waves

From fastest to slowest, what is the order sound waves would travel through a medium
a) solids, liquids, then gases
b) gases, liquids, then solids
c) solids, gases, then liquids
d) liquids, solids, then gases

What determines the energy of a mechanical wave?
a) speed
b) frequency
c) amplitude
d) wavelength

A match is connected to a circuit by a filament. The circuit lights the match. What energy conversion is taking place?
a) electrical energy to thermal energy
b) electrical energy to chemical energy
c) electrical energy to mechanical energy
d) electrical energy to electromagnetic energy

Which process is the burning of a fuel to change chemical energy into thermal energy?
a) combustion
b) energy
c) electricity
d) heat

When calcium metal is placed in a container of water, the water molecules break apart the bond to calcium ions. The outside of the container feels very hot to the touch. What is happening during this reaction?
a) Energy is created in the form of heat
b) Energy leaves the container in the form of heat
c) Energy is destroyed during the chemical reaction
d) Energy enters the container from the atmosphere

When light energy changes to heat, what happens to the total amount of energy?
a) total amount of energy increases
b) total amount of energy decreases
c) total amount of energy stays the same
d) total amount of energy constantly changes

What is the term used to describe why a straw appears to bend when placed in a glass of water?
a) absorption
b) diffraction
c) reflection
d) refraction

What would happen if a black object was exposed to direct sunlight?
a) the object would shrink
b) the object would heat up
c) the object would change color
d) the object would reflect the light

What are the two main types of mechanical waves?
a) amplitude and frequency
b) electromagnetic and mechanical
c) longitudinal and transverse
d) sound and light

What happens when a pebble is dropped in a pond?
a) the water waves absorb
b) the water waves compress
c) the water waves reflect
d) the water waves spread away

An object absorbs all the colors of visible light. Which color does the object appear to the observer?
a) black
b) blue
c) brown
d) white

Why does a banana appear yellow in white light?
a) the banana reflects only the yellow light
b) the banana absorbs only the yellow light
c) the banana reflects all of the colors of white light
d) the banana absorbs all of the colors of white light

What happens when a warm object comes in contact with a cold object?
a) the heat does not move
b) the heat moves randomly
c) the heat moves from the warm object to the cold object
d) the heat moves from the colder object to the warm object

A student pours cold water into a cup of hot chocolate. Why does the hot chocolate cool down?
a) The coldness and the heat move back and forth
b) The heat from the hot chocolate moves into the cold water.
c) The coldness from the water moves into the hot chocolate
d) The water keeps its coldness and the hot chocolate keeps its heat.

What causes us to see a carrot as being orange?
a) it diffracts orange light.
b) it absorbs orange light by it reflects all other wavelengths
c) it emits orange light
d) it reflects orange light but it absorbs all other wavelengths.

What explains why it is possible for you to see undistorted objects through a clear glass window?
a) Light is absorbed through the glass
b) Light is refracted through the glass
c) Light is reflected through the glass
d) Light is transmitted through the glass

Why does a battery powered video game heat up when you play it for a long time?
a) electrical energy is transferred into heat
b) magnetic energy is being transferred into heat
c) sound energy is being transferred into heat
d) light energy is being transferred into heat

A person puts a pot of water on the stove. When they turn on the burner what kind of energy is electrical transferred into?
a) light
b) heat
c) magnetic
d) mechanical

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