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A student rides a bicycle 2400 meters in four minutes to get to school. What is the student's speed?
a) 10 m/s
b) 10.1 m/s
c) 1.1 m/s
d) 0.1 m/s

What does a horizontal line on a velocity/time graph represent?
a) Zero Acceleration
b) Positive Acceleration
c) Negative Acceleration
d) Changing Acceleration

A rider finishes a 120 km bicycle trip in three hours. What is the average speed of the rider?
a) 3.6 km/hr
b) 4 km/hr
c) 40 km/hr
d) 360 km/hr

Which of the following best describes a situation in which the acceleration would be negative?
a) object speeds up
b) object slows down
c) object stops
d) object reverses

Where on Earth would a person weigh the most?
a) sea level
b) a mountain top
c) a valley below sea level
d) the top of a ten story building

What force acts on all objects on Earth?
a) friction
b) gravity
c) momentum
d) weight

A student drops a baseball and a feather from a third-floor window. Which force explains why the baseball hits the ground before the feather?
a) air resistance
b) gravity
c) mass
d) velocity

A student stops a bicycle by applying a brake. Which unbalance force causes the bicycle to stop?
a) energy
b) friction
c) gravity
d) inertia

Studen A and Student B are sitting on opposite sides of a see-saw. Student A's side is on the ground while student B's side is in the air. How does the mass of Student A compare to Student B?
a) Student A has more mass than Student B
b) Student A has less mass then Student B
c) Student A and B have the same mass
d) Student B has twice as much mass as Student A

What will happen to a moving object if an unbalanced force is applied to the object in the same direction the object is moving?
a) The object will speed up
b) The object will slow down
c) The object will change direction
d) The object will not be affected by the unbalanced force.

What happens to motion and direction when an unbalanced force acts on an object?
a) The motion stays the same and there is no direction
b) The motion stays the same and the direction stays the same
c) The motion changes and the direction is toward the larger force
d) The motion changes and the direction is opposite the larger force

Which of Newton's Laws states that an object will not move unless a force acts upon it?
a) Newton's 1st Law of Motion
b) Newton's 2nd Law of Motion
c) Newton's 3rd Law of Motion
d) Newton's 4th Law of Motion

Which of Newton's laws is also known as the Law of Inertia
a) Newton's 1st Law
b) Newton's 2nd Law
c) Newton's 3rd Law
d) Newton's 4th Law

Which property of matter causes an object to stay at rest unless acted upon a force?
a) friction
b) gravity
c) inertia
d) mass

A hockey puck is traveling on a frictionless surface. Which statement best describes the motion of the hockey puck?
a) the hockey puck will slow down
b) the hockey puck will travel in a curved pattern
c) the hockey puck will speed up
d) the hockey puck will continue to travel at constant speed until it hits something

Which of Newton's Laws of Motion best describes an object in constant motion?
a) 1st Law of Motion
b) 2nd Law of Motion
c) 3rd Law of Motion
d) 4th Law of Motion

An object is resting on a table. What would cause the object to move?
a) no force acts on it
b) a gravitational force acts on it
c) balanced forces act on it
d) unbalanced forces act on it

Which explains the motion of a rolling ball on a flat surface?
a) will stop quickly
b) will speed up quickly
c) will stay in motion until acted on by a force
d) will stay in motion for one hour

What is the tendency of a moving object to continue moving in a straight line?
a) inertia
b) gravity
c) mass
d) orbital speed

Which describes a car going 50 miles per hour east?
a) Acceleration
b) Momentum
c) Speed
d) Velocity

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