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Which group of animals spends part of life on land and part on water
a) mammal
b) amphibian
c) bird
d) reptile

Animals that have the same body temperature whether their surroundings are warm or cold.
a) natural
b) cold blooded
c) aquatic
d) warm blooded

What do fish use to breathe?
a) Fins
b) lungs
c) gills
d) scales

How do plants get their food?
a) They have plant food from the grocery store.
b) They get it from the plant care experts in the county.
c) They create it using photosynthesis
d) They get it from bees during pollination.

Plants that produce seeds and fruits
a) Angiosperms
b) conifers
c) gymnosperms
d) nonvascular

Animals that drink milk from their mothers are called
a) fish
b) reptiles
c) mammals
d) amphibians

Which is an example of a gymnosperm?
a) A tomoatoe plant
b) A dandilion
c) an apple tree
d) a fir tree

These types of plants have a root system to absord nutrients and water from the soil
a) trees
b) shrubs
c) vascular
d) nonvascular

Animals that have a backbone are called
a) mammals
b) monkeys
c) insects
d) vertebrates

Which animal is an invertebrate?
a) frog
b) giraffe
c) starfish
d) kitten

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