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Long, whip-like proection of the cell membrane, used for cell mobility.
a) flagella
b) lysosome
c) endoplasmic reticulum
d) cilia

Gel-like substance in which organelles are located.
a) cytoplasm
b) vacuoles
c) mitochondria
d) lysosome

Modifies, packages, and distributes cell products.
a) Golgi apparatus
b) cytoplasm
c) endoplasmic reticulum
d) ribosomes

Contains digestive enzymes.
a) lysosome
b) cilia
c) mitochondria
d) vacuole

Site of cellular respiration (converts sugar to energy for use by cell.)
a) mitochondria
b) nucleus
c) endoplasmic reticulum
d) ribosome

Found in plant cells but not in animal cells; provides protection and support for cell.
a) cell wall
b) chloroplasts
c) endoplasmic reticulum
d) cell membrane

Separates cell from environment; regulates what enters and leaves the cell.
a) cell (plasma) membrane
b) nucleus
c) Golgi apparatus
d) nuclear membrane

Contain chlorophyll; produce sugars from sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water.
a) chloroplasts
b) mitochondria
c) Golgi apparatus
d) vacuoles

Where proteins are synthesized (made.)
a) ribosome
b) mitochondria
c) lysosomes
d) chloroplasts

Transports materials through the cell.
a) endoplasmic reticulum
b) Golgi apparatus
c) ribosome
d) flagella

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