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The process of change that occurs during an organism's life to produce a more complex organism is called
a) development
b) growth
c) reproduction
d) stimulus

Which classification level is broader than the phylum level?
a) kingdom
b) order
c) class
d) family

A plant growing toward light is an example of
a) a response.
b) a stimulus.
c) reproduction.
d) development.

The source of energy for most autotrophs is
a) the Sun.
b) water.
c) heterotrophs.
d) other autotrophs.

Which of the following characteristics do all plants share?
a) being autotrophs.
b) being unicellular.
c) producing flowers.
d) being a prokaryote.

An organism that makes its own food is called a(n)
a) autotroph.
b) heterotroph.
c) eukaryote.
d) prokaryote.

An organsim that cannot make its own food and depends on other organisms as a source of energy is called
a) a heterotroph.
b) an autotroph.
c) a prokaryote.
d) a plant.

An organism would be LEAST similar to which of the following?
a) another organism in a different phylum.
b) another organism in a different species.
c) another organism in a different order.
d) another organism in the same genus.

If two organisms are in the same family, which of the following do they all have in common?
a) order, class, phylum, kingdom
b) genus and species
c) only in the same kingdom and family
d) only in the same genus

Which organisms would have the most similar evolutionary history?
a) two organisms with the same genus
b) two organisms with the same phylum
c) two organisms with different classes
d) two organisms in the same family

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