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What 2 countries are located on the Korean Peninsula?
a) North and South Korea
b) East and West Korea
c) Japan and China
d) North Korea and Vietnam

Why is the population density low in the western part of China?
a) Because there are too many water sources
b) Because there's a desert and plateau there
c) The dense vegetation makes farming difficult
d) Because there's only one river there

What is the name of Japan's tallest mountain?
a) Mt. Everest
b) Mt. Kilamanjaro
c) Mt. St. Helen
d) Mt. Fuji

Japan is made of islands and sits atop 2 ________ plates which cause many earthquakes in and around Japan.
a) ceramic
b) metamorphic
c) tectonic
d) sediment

Name one country in East Asia or Southeast Asia that is considered an archipelago.
a) Japan/Indonesia
b) Japan/Vietnam
c) Indonesia/South Korea
d) Japan/China

There are a million square miles of desert in China, making twice as much desert as _______ land (land that can be farmed).
a) farmable
b) fertile
c) arid
d) arable

In what geographic feature do the three rivers in China begin?
a) desert
b) ocean
c) plateau
d) delta

Why is the Plateau of Tibet known as the roof of the world?
a) It's the highest plateau in the world.
b) It contains the highest mountains in the world.
c) It's the highest point in Japan.
d) It's where most of the people in the world live.

About 90% of China's population lives in this part of the country.
a) Western China
b) East coast of China
c) Plateau of Tibet
d) In cities

Why do most people live in the Eastern part of China?
a) Availability of jobs, fertile land and transportation.
b) Because the climate is nice.
c) Because the Plateau of Tibet provides farm land
d) Because it's away from the desert

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