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Which best describes the Gulf Stream?
a) a warm air mass that brings strong thunderstorms
b) a warm ocean current that influences weather along the east coast of the United States
c) a body of cold water in the Atlantic Ocean
d) a cool ocean current that travels along the coast of California

Why does the western coast of Europe generally have a warmer climate than the East coast of the United States even if cities are along the same latitude?
a) The Jet Stream
b) The land breeze
c) The Gulf stream
d) The sea breeze

Which of the following is true in regards to the Gulf Stream?
a) It is a deep ocean current.
b) It is cold in temperature
c) It greatly effects the climate of South America.
d) It is a surface ocean current.

Since the Gulf Stream is a surface ocean current, it is driven mostly by...
a) salinity
b) wind
c) temperature
d) density

Where does the Gulf Stream begin?
a) Up North by Canada
b) Along the west coast of Mexico
c) Along the state of California
d) At the Gulf of Mexico by Florida

Which of the following best represents the direction of the jet stream that influences weather across the United States?
a) East to West
b) West to East
c) North to South
d) South to North

Which of the following factors has the greatest effect on weather and climate on Earth?
a) clouds from atmosphere
b) heat from deserts
c) energy from the sun
d) ice in glacies

Which best describes a characteristic of the jet stream?
a) It forms a boundary between a cold air mass and a warm air mass
b) it is a warm ocean current
c) it is a cool ocean current
d) it causes high pressure air masses to rotate clockwise

About how high in the sky is the jet stream located?
a) 5 kilometers
b) 10 kilometers
c) 20 kilometers
d) too high to calculate

What layer of the atmosphere is the jet stream located in?
a) Stratosphere
b) Thermosphere
c) Mesosphere
d) Troposphere

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