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air that moves horizontally
a) wind
b) Isobar
c) Air Pressure
d) Barometer

the force put on a given area by the weight of the air above it
a) Air Pressure
b) Sea Breeze
c) Land Breeze
d) Hygrometer

a circular pattern of air rising, air sinking, and wind. 
a) Convection Cell
b) Air Pressure
c) Wind
d) Circulation

an upward rush of heated air. 
a) updraft
b) downdraft
c) coriolis
d) condensation

A downward rush of cool air.
a) Downdraft
b) Updraft
c) Convection
d) Air Pressure

A line on a weather map connecting places with equal air pressure.
a) Isobar
b) Low Pressure
c) High Pressure
d) Air Mass

Wind that blows from land to sea.
a) Land Breeze
b) Sea Breeze
c) Mountain Breeze
d) Valley Breeze

wind that blows from sea to land
a) Sea Breeze
b) Land Breeze
c) Mountain Breeze
d) Valley Breeze

A cool wind that blows up a mountain slope and replaces the slope’s rising Sun-warmed air.
a) Valley Breeze
b) Mountain Breeze
c) Sea Breeze
d) Land Breeze

A cool night wind that blows down a mountain slope to replace the warmer air in the valley. 
a) Mountain Breeze
b) Valley Breeze
c) Sea Breeze
d) Land Breeze

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