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Most of Earth's accessible freshwater, and the most common source for rural households, comes from
a) glaciers and ice caps
b) oceans
c) rivers and lakes
d) groundwater

Which is an example of indirect water use?
a) It took 120 liters of water to make a 1.3 liter bottle of juice.
b) A family's water bill was $58.50 last month.
c) A water-saving toilet uses 1.28 gallons per flush.
d) An old shower uses 19 liters of water per minute.

Which is an example of direct water use?
a) the water it took to produce the meat in a hamburger
b) the water used to make a piece of paper
c) the water used to flush a toilet
d) the water used to manufacture cars

More than 97% of Earth's water is found in
a) glaciers and ice caps
b) groundwater
c) oceans
d) lakes and rivers

Most of Earth's freshwater is located in
a) groundwater
b) lakes and rivers
c) rainfall
d) glaciers and ice caps

A sample is dark brown in color when shaken, but quickly settles out into 2 layers and shows the Tyndall effect. It is a
a) solution
b) colloid
c) suspension
d) compound

A salt compound is added to pure alcohol. There is no settling and no Tyndall effect. It is most likely a(n)
a) solution
b) colloid
c) suspension
d) element

Which of the following is a solution?
a) milk
b) pure water
c) vinegar
d) italian salad dressing

Heterogeneous mixtures include
a) solutions only
b) colloids only
c) suspensions only
d) both colloids and suspensions

Solutions are always
a) aqueous
b) homogeneous
c) heterogeneous
d) colorless

Water-based solutions are called
a) mixtures
b) compounds
c) aqueous solutions
d) acidic solutions

Which pair forms a homogeneous mixture?
a) sugar and water
b) oil and water
c) oil and vinegar
d) sand and water

What is the median value of the following set of numbers: 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10
a) 5
b) 6
c) 7
d) 8

What causes a bottle of soda to burst in the freezer?
a) The water in the bottle expands when it freezes.
b) The water in the bottle contracts when it freezes.
c) The bottle contracts when it freezes.
d) The bottle expands when it freezes.

Which of the following is not a PHYSICAL property of water?
a) The melting point of water is 0 degrees C.
b) The boiling point of water is 100 degrees C.
c) Water vapor reacts with sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere to make acid rain.
d) Water is a polar solvent.

Which statement about water is FALSE?
a) Water molecules strongly attract each other.
b) Water molecules have ionic bonds.
c) Water has a high boiling point.
d) The oxygen end of water has a partial negative charge.

List the 3 phases of water in order from most to least dense.
a) gas, liquid, solid
b) solid, liquid, gas
c) liquid, solid, gas
d) gas, solid, liquid

Which statement explains why water has such a high melting and boiling point?
a) Water is much more dense than air.
b) Water can exist as a gas at room temperature.
c) Strong attractions exist between water molecules.
d) Weak bonds connect the atoms in water molecules.

Why is water considered a polar molecule?
a) because H is much more electronegative than O
b) because O is much more electronegative than H
c) because electrons are completely transferred from H to O
d) because electrons are completely transferred from O to H

Which of the following is NOT a heterogeneous mixture known as a colloid?
a) gelatin
b) paint
c) fog
d) milk

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