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The congressional leader of the Radical Republicans was
a) Hiram Revels
b) Horace Greeley
c) Samuel J. Tilden
d) Thaddeus Stevens

The Fourteenth Amendment was passed to provide a constitutional basis for the
a) black codes.
b) Compromise of 1877.
c) Thirteenth Amendment.
d) Civil Rights Act of 1866.

Hiram Revels was the first African-American
a) U.S. senator.
b) army general.
c) cabinet member.
d) Supreme Court justice.

During Reconstruction, the system of sharecropping was least beneficial to
a) bankers.
b) merchants.
c) landowners
d) sharecroppers

During Reconstruction, all of the following increased in the South except
a) taxes
b) per capita income
c) public works programs
d) populations of towns and cities

President Andrew Johnson’s plan for Reconstruction aimed to punish
a) poor white Southerners.
b) Confederate leaders.
c) Northern abolitionists.
d) formerly enslaved African Americans.

Thaddeus Stevens could be described as all of the following except
a) a representative.
b) a Northerner.
c) a moderate.
d) a Republican.

The Compromise of 1877 signaled an end to
a) the Panic of 1873.
b) the Republican Party.
c) Reconstruction.
d) civil rights legislation.

A state government that is run without federal intervention illustrates the idea of
a) home rule.
b) carpetbagging.
c) redemption.
d) impeachment.

No one can be kept from voting because of race, color, or former enslavement, according to the
a) black codes.
b) Thirteenth Amendment.
c) Fourteenth Amendment.
d) Fifteenth Amendment.

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