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When a company places an ad and offers no interest on your purchase for three years
a) cost of the financing is built into the price of the item
b) they are not interest in making a profit
c) they are showing their appreciation to you by giving you free money
d) all the answers

A credit score is intended to measure
a) the amount of money you have in the bank
b) your financial success
c) your income level
d) how well you handle money

Which of the following statements about college financial aid is false
a) scholarships are only for the highest academic achievers
b) many businesses have scholarships for employees' children
c) the FAFSA is the first step to receiving any kind of financial aid
d) grants are free money

Which of the following is not one of the 3 basic reasons for saving money
a) vacations
b) purchases
c) emergency fund
d) build wealth

If you were thinking about buying your dream car, but decided not to buy it because you realized what you wouldn't be able to do if you bought the car it would be an example of
a) opportunity cost
b) be backs
c) buyer's remorse
d) brand recognition

Which of the following is not a need
a) furniture
b) food
c) utilities
d) housing

What is the most likely cause for the direct correlation between the number of hours you watch TV and the amount of money you spend?
a) advertising
b) examining buying motives
c) caveat emptor
d) all of these

Which of the following is something that a typical millionaire would do
a) spend less money than he makes
b) lease a new car
c) replace things that aren't broken
d) carry debt

Which of the following is not a good idea for getting out of debt
a) borrow money from your parents to pay for the debt
b) get a part time job or work overtime
c) quit borrowing money
d) sell something

Which of the following is a reason that people don't save money
a) all of these
b) they lack discipline
c) they lack focus
d) they do not live on a budget

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