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Many people left the cities to go where?
a) On vacation
b) to rural areas
c) to the suburbs
d) none of the above

Who was left in the cities when everyone else left to the suburbs?
a) Latinos and African Americans
b) Caucasian Americans
c) Chinese Americans
d) None of the above

What did President Eisenhower do?
a) Kept most of the New Deal programs
b) Expanded social security
c) Created a department of health, education, and welfare
d) all of the above

What was the baby boom?
a) When people started blowing up babies
b) When the birth rate crashed
c) When there was a sharp increase of births after WWII
d) none of the above

By 1960, how many houses owned a TV?
a) 3 out of 10
b) 5 out of 10
c) 9 out of 10
d) 10 out of 10

Who were Beatniks?
a) Homeless people
b) College students
c) Artists
d) Writers and poets who protested the shallowness of the US

Which statement is true?
a) Consumer goods increased and the economy decreased
b) Consumer goods decreased and the economy increased
c) Consumer goods increased and the economy boomed
d) Owning the latest goods became a symbol of Communism

Which statement is true of the election of 1960?
a) It was one of the closest in history
b) JFK defeated Nixon, who was Eisenhower's vice president
c) JFK was America's youngest and first catholic president
d) All above statements are true

Where did people move during this time?
a) North to Wisconsin and Minnesota
b) East to New York
c) To the sunbelt where it was warm
d) They did not move

What increased as a result to the growing number of people in the suburbs?
a) Sickness
b) Car sales
c) Bus Passes
d) Movie tickets

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