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Who was the communist leader of China?
a) Xi Jinping
b) Mao Zedong
c) Sun Yat-sen
d) none of the above

What country was divided at the 38th parallel line of latitude?
a) Japan
b) Korea
c) China
d) Germany

When did the Korean war start?
a) When the President was shot
b) When North Korea crossed the 38th parallel
c) When Korea was invaded by the Soviet Union
d) None of the above

Who led the UN forces?
a) General George Washington
b) General Ulysses S. Grant
c) General Douglas MacArthur
d) General Abe Lincoln

Who went over President Truman's orders to bomb China, and was later removed from his position?
a) General Ulysses S. Grant
b) General Abe Lincoln
c) General Douglas MacArthur
d) General George Washington

Communism was contained in Korea as a result of what?
a) Truman dropped a bomb
b) Eisenhower compromised with North Korea and China to end the war with a cease-fire.
c) All of the above
d) None of the above

Joseph McCarthy used the Korean war to to what?
a) spread the fear of communism in the US.
b) Spread hate of Korean people
c) Spread the love of Korean food
d) none of the above

McCarthyism came to stand for what?
a) America
b) Reckless charges against innocent citizens for being communist
c) Pro-Soviet Union
d) None of the above

What is brinkmanship?
a) The foreign policy to stop the spread of communism
b) A ship named Brinkman
c) A commander in the Cold War
d) none of the above

What was the arms race?
a) U.S. learned that the Soviets produced an atomic bomb
b) The U.S. built an H-bomb (hydrogen bomb)
c) Both the US and the Soviet Union developed nuclear weapons
d) all of the above

What was the space race?
a) An intergalactic race
b) Soviet Union launched Sputnik, the US reacted with billions of dollars for space research
c) The Soviet Union and the US raced to Mars
d) none of the above

Who did Eisenhower have peace talks with, and refused to apologize and admit to a spy plane.
a) Stalin
b) Churchill
c) Khrushcev
d) McCarthy

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