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Why was there a reduction in work force after WWII?
a) Fewer jobs were needed to make war materials
b) Returning servicemen flooded the job market
c) All of the above
d) None of the above

What caused an inflation of prices for goods after WWII?
a) More people were buying homes and starting families.
b) People were buying more consumer goods
c) Supply was low and demand was high
d) All of the above

What ended racial discrimination, segregation, lynching, and poll tax?
a) Nothing, these are still legal and happen today.
b) Turman's Civil Rights laws
c) Lincoln's Emancipation Proclomation
d) None of the above

What was Truman's Fair Deal?
a) Promoted fair trade
b) Created jobs, build public housing, and ended racial descrimination
c) all of the above
d) none of the above

What did Stalin promise eastern Europe, but instead created pro-Soviet governments?
a) Free Election
b) Free candy
c) Free government
d) Free speech

What did Truman fear?
a) The spread of Democracy
b) The spread of Communism
c) The spread of peace
d) The spread of peanut butter

Who was the conflict between during the Cold War?
a) Sox vs. Cubs
b) Soviet Union vs. Communism
c) Western Democracies vs. Soviet Union
d) USA vs. Democracy

What was Truman's Cold War strategy?
a) The Zip-Lock strategy
b) Isolationism
c) Declared a War on Communism
d) Containment

Who was NATO?
a) Promotes democratic values, and peaceful resolutions of disputes
b) Promote communist values, and violent resolutions of disputes
c) all of the above
d) none of the above

What was Soviet Union's response to NATO?
a) The Poland Pact
b) The Warsaw Pact
c) All of the above
d) None of the above

How did Truman try to help Europeans that were war torn, and threatened by communist rule?
a) Marshall Plan and Berlin Air Lift
c) Berlin Blockade
d) CIA

What were blacklists?
a) Lists of african american refugees
b) lists written in black ink
c) Unofficial lists of people who were thought to be communist
d) none of the above

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