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Why were 9 million banks wiped out in the 1930's?
a) Because banks had to give their money to the Federal Reserve.
b) Because banks had invested in the stock market.
c) Because the stock market crashed in 1929.
d) Because President Hoover closed them.

In response to the stock market crash, President Hoover did all of the following except:
a) Started farms for the poor.
b) Told the American people that the economy was fine.
c) Believed that the laws of supply and demand would correct the problem.
d) Started several programs to help with unemployment.

Who was elected President in 1932?
a) Theodore Roosevelt
b) Warren C Harding
c) Franklin Delano Roosevelt
d) Herbert Hoover

In his campaign, Roosevelt promised a new deal which included:
a) Localized assistance for unemployed steel workers.
b) Programs to help children by moving them to rural areas.
c) Issuing new dollar bills to replace the ones lost by the banks in the crisis.
d) A wide scale response to the economic and social crisis griping the country.

What were the three R's of the New Deal?
a) Roosevelt, Reagan and Rigor
b) Reading, Riting and Rithmatic
c) Relief, Recovery and Reform
d) Readiness, Reaction and Regulation

Which of the following was considered a bold move by Roosevelt?
a) closing the banks
b) feeding the poor
c) putting people to work
d) creating more government jobs

Eleanor Roosevelt was a strong supporter of which cause?
a) Child Welfare
b) Miner's Health
c) Women's Rights
d) Tennessee Valley Workers

What character trait did Roosevelt possess that he felt could help to inspire Americans?
a) Polio
b) Courage
c) Strength
d) Money

Why was the Agricultural Adjustment Act ended?
a) The Dust Bowl was over, growing could start again
b) The government no longer gave farmers subsidies.
c) The regulations for agriculture were too restrictive.
d) It was determined unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

What was the purpose of the WPA?
a) To provide food for families living in shanty towns.
b) To create jobs quickly by employing people in public projects.
c) To regulate the field of agriculture.
d) To reform the banking system.

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