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The development of the microscope made it possible for people to...
a) measure the force of gravity.
b) view the planets in the solar system
c) explain the types of heat transfer.
d) view the small structures inside cells

What is the role of the nucleus in a plant or animal cell?
a) controls what enters and leaves the cell
b) stores nutrients for the cell
c) produces food for the cell
d) controls the activities of the cell

Which process do plants use to make the energy they need?
a) symbiosis
b) respiration
c) pollination
d) photosynthesis

Which organism obtains energy in the same way as a tree?
a) lizard
b) field mouse
c) grass
d) jack rabbit

A male guinea pig receives information that determines its physical characteristics. This information comes from...
a) both parents
b) neither parent.
c) only the dominant parent.
d) only the male parent.

Which of these is an inherited trait?
a) braided hair
b) pierced ears
c) ability to read
d) eye color

Which planet is the largest in our solar system?
a) Mars
b) Earth
c) Jupiter
d) Saturn

A star chart is best to use to
a) see stars up close
b) identify constellations.
c) travel around the stars
d) identify constellations.

Lichens are made of fungi and algae that benefit from growing together. Which of these best describes this relationship?
a) parasitic
b) commensal
c) competitive
d) mutualistic

An ecosystem of forests was destroyed and replaced with a large shopping mall. Predict how this will most likely affect the environment of the area.
a) result in habitat destruction
b) provide more wildlife habitats
c) cause an increase in the number of species
d) cause a decrease in human population

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