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The Hindu “Book of Knowledge” is called…….
a) The Bible
b) The Vedas
c) The Constitution
d) The Torah

Which of these is NOT a source of water that fills the Indus River?
a) rain during monsoon season
b) melting snow from the Himalayan Mountains
c) a natural spring in Afghanistan

Who migrated to Ancient India and brought the Hindu beliefs with them?
a) the Italians
b) the Israelites
c) the Chinese
d) the Aryans

Dharma is……..
a) the afterlife
b) the Hindu religious books
c) as set of laws and duties each Hindu follows.
d) a Hindu god

Who discovered Buddhism?
a) Ra
b) Siddhartha Gautama
c) Hammurabi
d) Moses

Buddha means?
a) enlightened one
b) noble one
c) funny one
d) peaceful one

The Middle Way tells Buddhists that life :
a) is too short
b) is important
c) full of wonder
d) should not be too strict or too easy

In Buddhism, the principals that rule life and promise to end suffering:
a) the Ten Commandments
b) the Four Noble Truths
c) the Five Pillars
d) the Wheel of Sin

The Buddha believed that:
a) Bad things happen to bad people
b) Good things happen to good people
c) to reach peace you need to end suffering
d) there is only one true god

What river was vital for farming in ancient India:
a) the Nile
b) The Tigris and Euphrates River
c) The Indus River
d) The Mississippi River

What sea does the Indus River empty into?
a) Mediterranean Sea
b) Black Sea
c) Red Sea
d) Arabian Sea

Little is known about Harappan civilization because….
a) The writing system has not been figured out
b) An earthquake destroyed the city
c) A massive tidal wave destroyed the city
d) It is still a mystery today

What Country lies in the area of ancient India?
a) Afghanistan
b) Pakistan
c) Thailand
d) China

The Buddha borrowed ideas and beliefs from?
a) Christianity
b) Judaism
c) Islam
d) Hinduism

Mohenjo-Daro was important because:
a) It showed that the city was planned before they built it
b) It lies in Egypt
c) Moses discovered the Ten Commandments there
d) It was known for the animals that lived there.

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