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Whom did Renaissance humanists study to increase their knowledge of different topics through reason
a) the Chinese and Indians
b) The Japanese and English
c) The Mayans and Incas
d) The Romans and greeks

The rich banking family from Florence is
a) The Medici Family
b) The Da Vinci Family
c) The van Eyck Family
d) The Durer Family

What did Renaissance painters use to make their work look three-dimensional?
a) Chiaroscuro
b) fresco
c) perspective
d) realism

During the Northern Renaissance, the use of what type of painting was developed in Flanders?
a) Chiaroscuro
b) Fresco
c) Oil
d) realism

Which person was an Italian writer who believed that because people were greedy and self-centered, keeping power by any means was the only way to rule?
a) Kublai Khan
b) lorenzo de' Medici
c) Marco Polo
d) Niccolo Machiavelli

Which of the following cities was most famous during the Renaissance?
a) Florence
b) Genoa
c) Milan
d) Rome

Because of Italy's long coastlines, Italian city-states became wealthy through
a) farming
b) fishing
c) shipbuilding
d) trade

Bankers from Florence set up a system to
a) determine land value
b) decide the value of currency
c) predict how much commodities would sell for
d) tax merchants to build wealth

Preacher who believed in Church members choosing the clergy
a) John Calvin
b) Martin Luther
c) da vinci
d) John Michelangelo

According to the humanist Desiderius Erasmus, what should people use to become better Christians
a) education
b) prayer
c) pride
d) reason

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