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In an insect that undergoes incomplete metamorphosis, what occurs between the nymph stage and the adult stage?
a) the pupal stage
b) development of a chrysalis
c) a resting stage
d) molting

A learned behavior
a) does not affect survival.
b) cannot be inherited.
c) can be inhertied
d) only occurs in humans

If you compare a plant life cycle and an insect life cycle, which stages would be similar?
a) larva and flower
b) adult and seedling
c) flower and pupa
d) seed and egg

Which trait comes from a plant's parents, not from its environment?
a) the number of seeds
b) the number of leaves
c) the length of its root system
d) its leaf shape

Which of these is not an inherited trait in a cat?
a) meowing
b) tail wagging
c) scent marking
d) trust of humans

Polar bears live in the Arctic where temperatures can be as low as –10°C. Which of the following structures most helps polar bears survive and reproduce in this cold climate
a) Sharp teeth and white fur
b) Thick fur and insulating body fat
c) A large size and sharp teeth
d) Being a predator and camouflage

A student is an excellent swimmer. Which of the following traits would most support the idea that the student's skill is learned?
a) The student's father is an excellent swimmer.
b) The student has strong muscles.
c) The student has long arms.
d) The student swims several times each week.

American pit vipers are snakes that have shallow, heat-sensing pits located between their nostrils and eyes. These pits help them sense changes in temperature. What is the main function of these pits?
a) To know when it is a warm day
b) To help chew food
c) To help the snake hear
d) To find warm-blooded birds and mammals as prey

Through what structure do plants take in the most water?
a) leaves
b) stems
c) roots
d) seeds

What structure do jellyfish use to protect themselves?
a) Camouflage
b) poisonous bite
c) stinging tentacles
d) special hooks

A seed was planted. It grew into a plant. The plant died. What will happen next?
a) It will grow into a new plant.
b) It will make a seed.
c) It will flower.
d) It will decay

How is the life cycle of a cat different from the life cycles of frogs, chickens, and goldfish?
a) It has more stages
b) It includes an adult stage.
c) It does not include hatching from an egg
d) It takes much less time for young to become adults.

Which part of the plant is used for reproduction, or making new seeds?
a) leaf
b) flower
c) stem
d) roots

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