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What is one benefit of Sameness?
a) No one has to know pain
b) Everyone loves each other
c) No one has to know about color
d) No one has to drive

What is one drawback to Sameness?
a) There is no choice
b) No one feels anything
c) All the food tastes the same
d) Everyone has to go to school

Which memory first taught Jonas about rage and grief?
a) The memory of poachers killing an elephant
b) The memory of a rainbow
c) The memory of falling off a sled
d) The memory of war

What is a specific example of Jonas' ability to see beyond?
a) He saw Fiona's red hair
b) He noticed the sky was blue
c) He saw a plane fly overhead
d) He noticed leaves were green

Which memory taught Jonas about colors?
a) The memory of a rainbow
b) The meory of a sunset
c) The memory of an apple
d) The memory of a sailboat

Which of the following is NOT provided for all citizens of the community?
a) A car
b) Medicine
c) Education
d) A house

What is Release?
a) Euthanasia
b) Being sent to live elsewhere
c) Vacation time
d) Sleep

Which of the following is NOT a rule that Jonas must follow during his training?
a) You may tell your dreams
b) You may ask questions
c) You may lie
d) You cannot apply for release

Why aren't Fiona and Jonas' father affected by releasing new children and the old?
a) They have no concept of death, and don't realize what they're doing
b) They have no feelings
c) They dislike babies and the elderly
d) Any feelings about release faded after having to do it so often

When is everyone's birthday?
a) December
b) July
c) October
d) April

One of the Receiver's rules is: You may not apply for release. Why?
a) The previous Receiver was released, and all her memories went back to the community
b) It would devastate the Giver
c) The Receiver knows what release really is, and is horrified by it
d) Ain't nobody got time for that!

What is the first memory of pain given to Jonas?
a) A sunburn
b) Poachers killing an elephant
c) Falling off a sled
d) Being on a battlefield

Who does Jonas bathe and speak to about Release in the House of the Old?
a) Larissa
b) Fiona
c) Jonathan
d) Roberto

Which memory teaches Jonas about love?
a) The memory of Christmas
b) The memory of dancing
c) The memory of a sailboat
d) The memory of a merry-go-round

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